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kare manuka honey 20+ and 15+Our Kāre 250g and 500g UMF® range  includes 10+, 15+ and 20+ activity levels.

The activity levels of all our Kāre UMF® honeys are backed up by guarantee certificates and copies of the relevant laboratory testing certificates and UMFHA certificates.

Our 1kg UMF® range includes 5+ and 10+ honeys.

UMF Gift pack Manuka HoneyThe 250g UMF®  range is also available in a twin pack / gift box.

This lightweight yet robust gift box is the perfect for  overseas visitors or for travellers returning to their home country. It also makes the perfect corporate gift for overseas clients.

What People Are Saying

Hi Billy,

2002 in Laos I had amoebic dysentery treated and cured in the hospital.

2 days ago I had the same symptoms but could not go to the hospital as too sick to leave the room.

Persuaded a friend to go to my stored possessions about 10 miles away and look for a pot of Kare honey which I had kept specially for this occasion.

Within half a day of the pot of UMF 20 being brought to me and hurriedly consumed I made a full recovery.

Hugh C