Manuka Honey – Natures Miracle Healer

Scientific research shows the naturally derived antibacterial agents of Mānuka honey can, in addition to inhibiting bacterial growth, enhance wound healing and tissue regeneration.

The efficacy of high active Mānuka Honeys in the treatment and care of wounds is widely understood by veterinarians and there are well documented scientific studies on the effectiveness of this as a topical application.  As an alternative to conventional antibiotics in wound care high active Mānuka honey is unparalleled.

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Veterinary Manuka Advantages

  • Syringe applicator enables easy and hygenic use.
  • 100% Natural – no fillers or irradiation.
  • Highly effective natural alternative to Antibiotics.
  • Scientifically proven to aid wound healing and reduce scarring.
  • Most products currently marketed for veterinary use are low activity Mānuka honey or contain only small amounts of Mānuka honey.
  • We select only UMF20+ honey that has been quality tested and confirmed to have an Aerobic Plate Count (bacterial indicator) below any detectable limits.
  • Mānuka Quality and Purity assured – backed by UMFHA and Independent Laboratory tests.

Syringe Solution

Finally a Mānuka honey product that is easy and hygienic to administer while minimising risk of cross contamination. These  customised products contains very active UMF20+ Mānuka honey for the topical treatment of:

  • Wounds and skin abrasions
  • Traumatic and contaminated wounds
  • Bite punctures and lesions
  • Burns
  • Pressure sores and mud scald


Equine Mānuka Syringes are available in 25g.

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Our Manuka UMF Guarantee

Vets and equine professionals understand the benefits of Mānuka honey in wound care but there is no veterinary grade 100% Mānuka honey product that is independently guaranteed as to its UMF activity that they can confidently use or recommend.  Only our Veterinary  Mānuka products carry the UMF guarantee of purity and quality.  At the time of publishing no other Mānuka product for veterinary use carries this additional assurance.

The active ingredient in Mānuka Honey is Methyglyoxal.  Our  UMF20+ Mānuka is guaranteed to contain greater at least 830mg/kg of Methylglyoxal. 

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