About KĀRE​ Honey

KĀRE specialise in hand crafted Northland single source Manuka Honey


Kare specialise in single source Manuka Honey from the beautiful Northland region.  This subtropical region is home to stunning beaches, pristine native forests and to Tane Mahuta, the world’s largest Kauri tree and known as the God of the Forest.  

Our region is the first area in NZ where the Manuka flowers bloom towards the end of winter when there are very limited floral sources.  This means the bees, for a period of time, almost exclusively forage on Manuka flowers, creating a very pure and high-quality honey.  This purity is evident in the rich dark caramel colours and depth of flavour and intensity of our Manuka honeys.


Our Vision

Kāre was developed with the intention of sharing the benefits of the healthy food produced here in New Zealand.

We live in rural New Zealand and are lucky enough to produce and have access to food that keeps us naturally healthy.  
We believe that having access to quality nutritional food should be a fundamental right of all people.
Many consumers are becoming concerned about the safety of their food – they want to know where and how their food has been produced, and what environmental & social factors have impacted on the safety and health of it.
New Zealand we are in a unique position to be able to produce and source food that is grown naturally, providing optimum goodness and natural health benefits. At Kāre we pride ourselves in knowing the history of our food, and we can share this story with you.

Our Team

Kia ora and welcome,

Kāre is a privately owned enterprise from the beautiful Bay of Islands in Northland, Aotearoa New Zealand. We operate from boutique facilities on our family farm, where our product is meticulously handled by our small and dedicated team.
We are committed to providing healthy, natural and safe food products and to healthy living wherever you are.

Billy Mulcare

Managing Designer

Billy has qualifications in international marketing and a background in business advice, finance and trade. She is our marketing director and honey products specialist.  Despite blowing up like a balloon when she gets stung – Billy really loves bees.

Tim Askew

Director Logistics and Supply

From a background of managing dairy farms, Tim knows all about producing a quality product to strict food standards and hygiene. When he is not working at Kāre, Tim looks after our cows and calves with the help of his 4 working dogs and one of his horses. He loves the land and has a sound knowledge of the agricultural sector. Tim also manages our transport and logistics division.

Jenny McEntee

Operations Manager

Our wonderful friend Jenny and her husband own a neighbouring farm. Jen has a background in banking and farming and her family are involved in beekeeping.  Jen looks after our domestic market and Australia operations.

Heather Gray

Production Manager

Gorgeous  Heather has been with Kāre for seven years.  Heather is experienced in food processing and food production as well as retail and banking.  Heather runs our honey processing facility and is in charge of food safety and quality control.  

Discover the Honey that suits your needs

Manuka Honey is the honey that New Zealand is famous for. Bees gather the nectar from the white-pink flowers of our native Manuka tree and from this they make Manuka Honey.

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