Super Honey

Super Honey

Natural goodness to boost or soothe – Kāre’s Super Honey Range combines the world’s best honey with some of New Zealand’s unique or highly bioactive plants  and herbs to create a range of natural, high efficacy functional foods.

Each tonic from our range is designed to deliver specific targeted benefits. We use natural concentrates so that you are still enjoying a product that contains at least 95- 98%  Honey.

An innovative and unique range of food supplements combining the natural benefits and energy boost of New Zealand natural honeys with Vitamin C and New Zealand bioactive plant enzymes or extracts.

  • Targeted  nutritional benefits
  • Great for children and growing teens
  • Good for all the family

Discover the Honey that suits your needs

Manuka Honey is the honey that New Zealand is famous for. Bees gather the nectar from the white-pink flowers of our native Manuka tree and from this they make Manuka Honey.

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