image beekeeper beside hives. He looks happy he is not getting stung
image of 2 horses, both brown, taken at top of belmont park in new zealand
image of many bees together in a hive
image of beekeeper and child collecting manuka honey
image of 2 beekeepers, one is running his finger through a honeycomb

The Story of Equine Manuka and Veterinary Manuka..

Equine Manuka™ is manufactured by the Veterinary Pharmaceuticals division of Kāre Limited, a specialist Mānuka Honey operation based in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

The owners of the company bring over 65 years combined experience in agriculture, Mānuka honey sector and product development to provide you with a 100% natural, highly effective range of animal wound treatments. 

We are passionate about our animals and their welfare.

As well as in-house use of Mānuka honey in veterinary wound care, we have worked with horse / animal owners and vets for a number of years providing them with medical grade Mānuka honey for wound treatment.  However a common observation from practitioners was the difficulty of applying Mānuka honey in its natural state directly to wounds and bandages – and after several years of trialling different formulas and application formats we have now established commercial production of Veterinary Mānuka™ Honey and Equine Mānuka™ Honey in a syringe format making application easy and reducing the risk of contamination during the application and reapplication processes.

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