Our Community

Our Community

Access to quality nutritional food should be a fundamental right of all people. Sadly, despite the fact that enough food is produced each year to feed twice the world’s population, many communities and families suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

  • Our Kāre team are active sponsors of the programme Childfund, which assists in providing clean water, food and education to children in less developed countries.

For a little more than  US$1 per day, it is possible to provide for the food and needs of one child in a developing or third world country. For more information on Childfund and making a difference to our world, please go to www.childfund.org.nz


We currently sponsor underprivileged children in the following countries:

Thailand           Vietnam       East Timor          Kenya          Indonesia        Ethiopia       Philipines


  • We donate to local Northland charitable trust Bald Angels.

Bald Angels


Na tau rourou, na taku rourou, ka ora nga tamariki – With your food basket & my food basket, together we can make a difference for our children.




  • We also donate to Oxfam, an organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and injustice. To find out more about how you could help Oxfam go to www.oxfam.co.nz


Gifts that Grow:  ChildFund and Oxfam both offer programmes that provide meaningful gifts that will change the lives of vulnerable children in some of the world’s poorest communities. As part of this programme Kāre has purchased wheelchairs for disabled children in Sri Lanka and calves for Vietnamese families. Cows are a source of rich manure for the fields, enabling a family to grow nutritious healthy food for their children and raise crops for sale at market.  The calves will go on to have calves of their own, providing food and income and lifting the whole family out of poverty.