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Our Company

KĀRE is a New Zealand honey brand committed to supplying healthy and natural food. Our focus is developing and producing foods that sustain us and which can significantly improve our general health and well being –  Superfoods. Our main product range is New Zealand’s unique manuka honey.

Our business is not just about doing business. We started this as a family operation so that we could work from our rather remote farm in Karetu, Bay of Islands.  Tim’s dad was a beekeeper, we were passionate about the benefits of manuka honey and it just grew from there. Creating a lifestyle and employment opportunities is important to us. For this reason, most of our products are produced by hand.  All our honeys are painstakingly hand labelled, individually checked, and hand packaged. And as a result we think you get a better, more personalised product.

Kare is also about sharing the advantages we have with those less fortunate than ourselves. To this end, we work with NGOs to provide sponsorship of children in third world countries by sharing the things we take for granted – healthy food, clean water, education, shelter and clothing. 10% of the Kare’s profits are pledged to support and assist children and families in developing countries.  When you purchase a Kare product, not only do you enjoy the superb taste of this unique New Zealand honey, you are  providing support to others less fortunate.  We and the children who benefit from your support thank you for your kindness and care.