Our Brand

Our Brand

Our name –  KĀRE 

Pronounced ‘karr-ee’, meaning sweet or honey,the word ‘Kare’ is often used as an affectionate greeting between friends.


Our logo – NZ Flax

New Zealand Flax (Harakeke)

The New Zealand flax plant is chosen to represent our company and products because it was of singular importance to Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand.

Flax or harakeke as it was generally known was a vital resource for the carrying and storage of food, and was essential in clothing, shelter, and as protection. Without harakeke/flax, life would have been very difficult for Maori to sustain in New Zealand prior to the arrival of the European.

Today the flax plant is being trialled in wound dressing and a range of medicinal purposes. The plant and its seeds and oil are used widely in both nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. The flourishing of the flax plants throughout New Zealand is a sign that our wetlands are healthier. It is a beautiful plant, much loved by our birds and our people.