Super Honey – Bee Smart with blackcurrant Anthcyanin

TVNZ Spotlight: Kiwi blackcurrants touted as the 2017 superfood – Watch the video now: NEWS,  SUPERFOOD,  TVNZ    

What are Bio-Actives

Bioactives are constituents in foods that have a positive benefit to the body over and above their nutritional value, for example the anti-oxidant quality of blackberriries. We all love busy, fast paced lives, and our bodies crave natural,… Read More

Manuka honey curbs bacteria, says study

Manuka honey, at even low dilutions, curbs the activity and growth of bacteria, prompting hopes of its use for urinary catheters, a British study says. 27 September 2016  Manuka honey has been shown to curb the activity and… Read More

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